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Marathon Participants

 Run/Walk 2023 

Join us for our first 

Annual Run/Walk Around the World

Coming in 2023, Gabby Petito Foundation will host its inaugural run/walk around the world that will begin as a virtual event.  Participants will have the opportunity to register around the world and walk/run at there own time with the option to share their photos/videos from all over the globe. 

On October 17th, Blue Point Fire Department hosted the very first Fundraiser for Gabby Petito Foundation at 89 North in Patchogue NY.  

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 9.38.23 PM.png

First Fundraiser
for GPF

This was only the beginning!


TopGolf Fundraiser

On April 3, 2022,  Gabby Petito Foundation held a fundraiser at Top Golf in Holtsville NY.  Over 200 supporters attended the event helping us raise almost $30k!  

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