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When we decided to start a foundation, we knew we had to be creative with fundraising.  We decided to provide supporters with ways to have their very own apparel or product that they could
love while supporting our foundation at the same time.
100% of the proceeds go to Gabby Petito Foundation!

About the designs

Product designs are done by Gabby's family.  Gabby was an amazingly talented artist and we like to keep that vibe alive with our designs.  Gabby loved and was proud of her new van life, passionate about travel, art, healthy food, and her tattoos which she designed herself.  We will continue to add new fun designs to keep Gabby's legacy alive.  We thank you all for your support as we continue this journey to help as many ways as we can in honor of Gabby.  

Love and Blessings
Your GPF Board

Why do we have a foundation store?     


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